“In the spectacle — the visual reflection of the ruling economic order — goals are nothing, development is everything. The spectacle aims at nothing other than itself.”

Prince Harry Arrives In Australia Ahead Of His Military Secondment With Australian Defence Force

Ignore the insignia, the pageantry, the barriers between, the security cordons, the militarised henchmen, the processional palaver, they are just like YOU. Honest, Guv’nor, salt’thee Erf. Gawd bless ’em all.  


The spectacular system servers want you to know that they’re just like you. And me. And them over there. Dopamine issues, head ment-all out of sorts, problems are problems maaan, whether you got no bread on the breadline or ounces of opportunities and open doors.

Depression is the ultimate respecter of democracy, ya hear, whether you’re falling out of Annabel’s or into Wetherspoons, these plummeted depths of despair gets everyone and anyone. Even ‘war-heroes’ and ‘men about town’ such as Henry Windsor, those inner-turmoils, those crises of faith, those days of inability to move, the black fog, the treacle-thinking, well, rest assured this ambassador of hereditary power and control totally feels your pain, his patronage of such ‘good causes’ keeping him on the straight and narrow, away from hi-jinkery-japery, another illusory sleight of hand designed to ‘normalise’ these masters of millennia, empathy devoid exhibits of soft malevolence, surreptitious string pullers masked by their political and military lackeys, centuries of blind acquiescence sustaining and maintaining these Moloch worshipping monarchs.


Definitely nothing to see here, right? 

Deprogram, disconnect, unplug, step back, see behind the veil, the shroud cloud, the matrices of mind-fuddlery. THEY are not like YOU. Your problems are compounded by their firm grip on reality, their control of the monetary mechanisms, the manipulated media-scape that filters your perception, this is a ruse to take your eye off the ball, keep you trapped inside your own preconception-prism-prison, ply you with junk psychic data, inoculate to sedate, numb you to dumb you down.

Guy Debored 2017 ©


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